Added a New Shop

I’ve decided to list different shop items at both my Skeinny Dipping flag shop and my Etsy shop to help advertise and increase visits to my site. Please let all of your knitting friends know so I can keep growing my shop!

For non-knitting news, I spent the weekend spinning up some wonderful Polwarth top I bought at this year’s Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I started spinning on a drop spindle when I lived in Germany, but with my arthritis, my shoulder never really let me do it for too long. As a result I’ve spun about 100 yards total in 3 years! But thanks to my friend, Jenn, who I met in Europe through Ravelry, I learned how to spin on her Ashford Joy when I stayed with her for MDSW weekend. I was hooked–both on the wheel and the roving she taught me on–a gorgeous electric colorway by Fat Cat Knits. So of course I pounced on a bump of Polwarth, colorway Guthrie, when I saw it at a booth this year.I knew I would be getting my own wheel sometime this year so I started stocking up, and well, I don’t have to tell knitters and spinners what a dangerous path that can take. I bought a Kromski Minstrel wheel at Webs (I am local enough to Webs to have my husband nearly cry at the mere mention of it) during tax-free weekend. Steve, one of the owners, kindly put one aside for me to pick up. I have long dreamed of getting a Kromski–it’s handmade in Poland, a great reenactment wheel (not that I plan on “enacting” any time soon), and is beautifully made. I put it together myself (a little secret about me–I LOVE assembling things, especially from Ikea) and try to spin on it as much as I can. Thanks to the Fat Cat Knits bump I got I was able to survive watching last night’s New England Patriots vs. San Diego Chargers game last night. Usually only a beer, or two, could do this, lol.

So my bucket list has a new entry: dye, spin, and knit a sweater for myself.

What do you have on your bucket list?


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