Double Double Toil and Trouble

There has been so much experimenting with dyes and formulas over the kettle lately that I’m beginning to think that the Halloween witches behind their bubbling cauldrons got to look that way because they didn’t wear a respirator while concocting their brews.

Thank goodness for anti-aging creams!

Here is a new colorway I have come up with this week–Chestnut. It’s funny (only afterwards, though) when I have a plan for a colorway and it fails horribly in the pot, only to end up something very cool. This reminds me of chestnut hunting in Germany. This time of year lots of people would walk the path of the Philosophenweg (Philosophers Way) in Heidelberg and pick up any tasty looking chestnuts to roast for later. It just screams cozy to me, not to mention makes me miss Heidelberg a lot.

Penelope Sock in Chestnut

Penelope Sock in Chestnut

I’ll also be dyeing up some more Merisilk DK in Dark Hearth and I’ll load it up to the shop once it’s dry.


2 responses to “Double Double Toil and Trouble

  1. I’ve always thought that natural dyeing would be fun for precisely that cauldron-boiling reason. Someday I will get to it!

    The browns in that skein are lovely. I am always surprised at how big a wrong turn my dyeing can make without being a disaster. In fact, I often like the “mistake” better than the original plan.

    Your mention of the Philosophenweg in Heidelberg has me yearning after the city, too. My favorite knitting group ever was in Heidelberg. It would be beautiful at this time of year. =)

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