What the Heck is That?

Back in 2005 I took a bunch of sweet yarn and a pattern with me to Africa where I had to work for about 5 weeks–plenty of time for a sweater to get done, right? Midway through that trip I decided that sweater wasn’t going to work and I gave up, wondering if I should rip it out or keep going. I did eventually rip it out and have been saving it ever since (it is silk and cashmere after all). Here’s what I just reskeined:

Tonight I’m gonna soak it in some Dawn and then tomorrow the overdyeing begins. What was I thinking getting that color? I must have been uncaffeinated at the time 🙂 So I’m debating between a nice gray (so it will go with everything and any color shirt underneath) or a caramelly-brown. The pattern I plan on using is White Russian by Baby Cocktails. What color do you think I should go with?

The other exciting news is a book arrived for me in the mail today: Extreme Double Knitting by Alasdair Post-Quinn.

I’ve always wanted to learn double knitting but never had time. Then I read a great article about it in the last Interweave Knits, and then lo and behold I joined the Common Cod Fiber Guild here, where he is a member. Can hardly wait to read it!





One response to “What the Heck is That?

  1. Silk cashmere should take the dye beautifully! Tough choice between gray and brown, but I think I’d go for brown. But maybe that’s just because I now have a craving for caramel. =)

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