Update for this week

I hope everyone had a great holiday! Here I am still in holiday mode with several unfinished WIPs (why do I do this to myself every year?) and I’m dying for 2012 to get here–I like New Year’s better than xmas.

A new base is in the shop: Journey Fingering. It’s a superwash merino wool that blooms so beautifully when you block it (the change from pre-dye to post-dye was really amazing). You get approximately 490 yards per 108 grams but I like to pad the yardage here a wee bit so you can fully enjoy the last few rows (or sections) of your WIP. Here is the first color up, Terracotta:

Sometimes dyeing doesn’t go as planned, but even with this I just keep going and overdye it until I have something I really like. I’m always amazed at how my “plans” work out better in mistake-mode, lol!

And here is the second color, Police Box:

Everyone has their favorite Doctor and mine is David Tennant. So here is a blue overdyed with black to honor my favorite Time Lord.

The end of the year sale is still going on–if you forget to use the code Holiday2011 I will refund you back your discount, so no worries. Some yarns are also on sale, so you get a good deal with the holiday discount on top of that! And finally, this week I will also post up the remaining Elixir Fingering–some will be in the quick-selling colorway, Va-Va-VOOM!


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