FO Report

There is significant yarn creep happening in my house–it’s in the living room, dining room, spare room, basement, and even the kitchen where I dye! In the midst of all of it, though, I have surprised myself by getting some knitting done and finished. The first one is Graystone by Veera Välimäki. Top down, excellent waist-shaping, and fast to knit (especially if you don’t knit a gazillion things at once like I do). When knitting the cowl you begin to worry that it will be too big, but don’t worry. Veera has made it just right.

The yarn I used is Stonehedge Fiber Mill’s Shepherd Worsted in colorway Berries. I couldn’t find any of this in my local yarn shops so I contacted Debbie, the owner of the mill, if she could send me some skeins and she did. Shepherds Mill is soo soft and lofty! I didn’t wet block it (just did steam instead) and I have already worn this several times.

Graystone sweater by Veera Välimäki









One of the things I wanted to learn last year was how to spin on a wheel (I already knew spindling) so when I got my Minstrel I immediately began searching for fiber. After seeing Into The Whirled’s booth at Rhinebeck last year I decided to also sign up for their fiber club. I lucked out with joining the Doctor Who portion of the club and one of the bags of fiber I got was a dreamy, DREAMY superwash merino in colorway “It’s Bigger on the Inside”. So I spun it up into a sportweight and made a BSJ for a friend’s new baby. Would you believe that this was the first thing I have ever made from my own handspun?

ITW colorway It's Bigger On The Inside









Baby Surprise Jacket









I also made some Hayrick Socks for my sister-in-law, Jackie, who just had her 50th birthday. This is such an awesome pattern–I’ve made a few pairs of these already. If you’ve never knit one of Anne’s patterns, you are seriously missing out. They are so well-written that you will watch your socks fly off the needles. I think socks are the perfect intro to lace knitting, and in fact, I never knit lace till I ran across Anne. She has tons of socks and other patterns you can try out. If for some strange reason you get confused by something in the pattern, not only is Anne helpful but so are her Knitspotters on the #1 Knitspot fan forum over at Ravelry. My SIL loved the socks–she tore off her heels in the restaurant and immediately put them on. I’ve heard from the other in-laws and they tell me she goes on and on about how fabulous they are.

And then there is baby stuff. Lots of it. So much I will spare you all the details but this was the last bit I knit and the details are here. My friend, Susan (susnb on Ravelry), sent me these lovely gift tags you see in the photo and I have been getting a lot of use out of them. So much better than the ghetto-rigged index card I was using before that’s for sure. The yarn is Tanis Fiber Arts Purple Label Cashmere sock that I got for last year’s Valentine’s Day.

Baby Hat and Booties









Today I plan on casting on for Squall in my Half and Half Fingering, a 55/45 blend of BFL and Silk (yes, another Knitspot pattern). I joined Anne’s Knitspot Fall in Full Color Club doing the pattern-only option and Squall is the final installment. We’ll see if my thyroid brain lets me do lace knitting on the right and wrong sides.

What are you knitting?


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