Upcoming Sale and Shop Update–Yay!

Thank you all so much for your kind words about my sister. The trip out to Santa Fe, NM was a bittersweet one. The memorial service was truly a celebration of her life, but still difficult.

Since I’ve been back in Boston I’ve been dyeing again. All the Milky Wool has been dyed up, but I’m still working my way through the Half and Half Sport that I have in stock. Part of why it takes me so long to get a skein dyed and posted is that I make a lot of mini skeins to test a new colorway on. There’s lots and lots of notetaking (I never thought all those hours in Organic Chemistry lab would ever come in handy but lo and behold they have) and many tweaks to my ratios before I finally settle on a color. And unless it’s a color that makes me want to hoard my own yarn then I go back to the “testing table.” Then I dye 2-3 at a time in my pots. Finally there is the drying, and reskeining. Some skeins come out of the pot very neatly, but most come out in some kind of a tangled mess ( I’m beginning to wonder what they’re doing in there…) so I reskein each one on my winder. I don’t like the thought of you buying a skein only to find it’s a mess to wind up.

So this weekend I have a bunch of skeins going into the shop. There will be a mini-sale on the Milky Wool, but a lot of the new yarn coming in is in the Half and Half Sport base. I’ll also be switching to First Class shipping (with delivery confirmation) for US customers so that the postage is a bit cheaper for you. You’ll still have the option for Priority shipping but due to my e-commerce shopping cart the only way I can give this option to you is for you to write a little note to me in the “notes to merchant” section of your Paypal checkout. Then I can invoice you for the difference. I hope this sounds good to everyone!

One of the new colors is called Ditto, after the ubiquitous Ditto Machine of my youth. I wonder if those of you outside the U.S.  had these things, but each photocopy was cranked out by hand and the print color was this eerie shade of purple. And each copy was warm and had this chemically smell I loved. Yeah, I know, I’m weird. So one of the new colors is an ode to this copier, lol.

Another new color is On The Singel–a handpainted color on my Journey Fingering base with a slightly different put-up of 458 yards/103 grams. If you’ve ever been to Amsterdam then you know all about the Bloemenmarkt on the Singel canal. Gorgeous flowers, some of which I had never seen before. There’s just two of these skeins!

Plus there is some Half and Half Sport in Light Hearth, and some in two new colors called Curacao and Curry. Don’t hesitate to email me if you find that a color you want has either run out or you don’t have enough skeins for your project. I still have a bunch of the skeins undyed and I’d be happy to set aside some to dye for you.

I will have to go out of town again this week from Tuesday, but I’ll be back at the end of the week.


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