Process vs. Progress

This year I’m trying to be really good about enjoying the process of knitting rather than racing ahead to getting the wip off the needles. I’ve been a progress knitter for some time–I love being able to hold a hat or pair of socks and say, “Hey, I made that.” But personally this year is about the journey, not the destination, and I’m trying to get that to reflect in all of my knitting.

First, a new weapon in the arsenal: crochet. I really loathe crochet (so much so I purposefully mispronounce it as “crotch-it”). But when I start to avoid nice edgings on knitting projects just because they’re done in crochet, well, it was time to suck it up and learn something new. I’m starting small: reusable face wipes. While we lived in Germany, one of the many many things I learned there was just how much is recyclable, and how much is wasteful. So to remove my eyeliner (which is Bobbi Brown, btw, and is wicked awesome) I’m making reusable ones from Knit Picks Dishie.

Second, a FO: Dry Stone Cowl by Dani Sunshine. I lovelovelove this cowl. It’s simple, yet interesting, and doesn’t curl at the edges one little bit. I’ve found it’s my go-to item in the morning when I get up to walk the dog. So imagine just how much I swooned when Dani PM’d me on Ravelry to ask if she could use the photo of my cowl for her pattern page! (It’s ok, I’ll wait while you go back to that link and scroll down…). I knit this one up out of my Journey Worsted in a darker version of the colorway Dark Hearth. I do have a few undyed skeins of Journey Worsted leftover from winter, so if you’re dying to knit Dry Stone Cowl as much as I was and would like to knit it up in the same color, just let me know.

Dry Stone Cowl by Dani Sunshine

Third, another FO: Shallows by Bonnie Sennott. (Squee, I’m on her pattern page, too!). I knit this up with a new base I’ll be having at some point in the year, Half and Half Fingering–a deliciously squooshy BFL/Silk blend. It’s a really quick knit, even with the beading which was something I hadn’t done with a crochet (crotch-it) hook before. I never even knew that hooks that small were made. I got Bonnie’s pattern, headed over to Boston Bead Company at Harvard Square to get my beads, and then cast on right away. I made the scarf, with the only mod (and not so much of a mod) being to knit more rows in the plain stockinette sections so I could use up as much yarn as possible. Now if only the weather would decide if it’s winter or spring so I could wear it more often! Have you read Bonnie’s blog? If not, you should–she has beautiful designs and Snickers is too cute.

Shallows by Bonnie Sennott

There is a final FO to show you but the person it is going to hasn’t received it in the mail yet, so I dare not post it here to spoil it for her. Once I know she’s received it I can tell you all about it.

And one WIP to tell you about: a Keepsake Blanket. When I was out in New Mexico attending my sister’s memorial service I was able to pick out some yarn from her stash to have sent home to me. One of the yarns I chose was a sweater quantity of Mochi Plus, the worsted version of Mini Mochi. I didn’t want to make a sweater out of it for fear that over time the style wouldn’t hold up, so I chose Kay Gardiner‘s Mitered Log Cabin Blanket. For the background color I headed over to Gather Here, our lovely stitch lounge in Cambridge, to ogle at their wall of Cascade to choose the right shade. I got a nice oatmealish brown, and I chose well. The first block is done and mostly dried. I’ve never knit a human-sized blanket before so this will be the ultimate test in process knitting for me. I figure with my sister’s good yarn karma I can’t go wrong, and I’ll have a memory of her that will last a long time. Perfect.

What do you have planned for your knitting?


2 responses to “Process vs. Progress

  1. Well, for someone focusing on process, you seem to be getting a lot done! I love the texture in both of those knits. I still haven’t done much knitting with beads, but really must try it sometime.

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