Hot Off The Needles…

I can show you my most recent Skeinny Dipping FO: Les Abeilles by fab designer Anne Hanson of Knitspot. I had to keep myself from posting this because it was a birthday gift to my friend, Julie. She received it yesterday and loves it! Julie is a big fan of blue so when I dyed this greenish-blue one up I knew it was hers, and I was right–she said it matches everything in her wardrobe.

I knit the mini-size, but when using a sportweight like Half and Half Sport, you end up with a larger size. This one came out to 50′ x 19.5″ and I used only one skein, with some leftover. The colorway I used was Vervet (there is one more in the shop!), but there are other colors to choose from as well, with more coming next week. To see all the project details, click here.

Les Abeilles by Anne Hanson











This is a very popular knit over at the #1 Knitspot Fan forum on Ravelry, and no wonder: you cast on at the bottom hem and each row gets shorter and shorter. Many of us over there have knit multiples of these. I’m even planning on knitting #3 for moi. I made my first one back in Germany (in the pre-Ravelry days, which is a time that is hard to imagine) in a silk/linen blend from Kim at The Woolen Rabbit. Love love love. That one was also a mini, but the next one will most likely be the largest size so I can wrap myself up in the chilly weather. This girl hates a draft.

I’m off to a physical therapy appointment (I have tennis elbow, but really should be renamed Spinning Wheel elbow in my case), with my Honey Badger socks in tow.

So what’s on your needles?


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