Only Cookies Are Missing

I’ve been spinning, and dyeing, and cleaning. I found some undyed Journey Worsted in one of my yarn hideaways, and dyed it up! Check out this really cool colorway I created (ok, I think it’s cool) called Nomad.

Journey Worsted: Nomad

There’s also some lovely skeins of Half and Half Sport in an electric fig kind of color (very springy-sproingy), and some also in Get UR Freak On. I will post these in the shop later–either this weekend or on Monday. If you’d like to be the first to know about shop updates and sales, then sign-up for the Skeinny Dipping newsletter on this page (it’s on the left margin at the top).

There’s been some spinning, too. I’ve been trying to catch up with the bounty of fiber I got last year as part of Into the Whirled’s Fiber Club for 2011. I’m slowly making my way through this English Shetland. It’s taking me forever because it screams to be spun as a thin, lacy single. I’ve finally finished up half the bag on one bobbin.

My friend, Siga, blogger and knitter over at juicyknits, has an adorable little girl who is coming up on her first birthday. You may have seen this cutie pie on my Ravelry page here and here. She’s growing so fast that I thought I would make her a little toy that will last for a while. So I’ve been spinning up some 50s Corriedale Combed Top (also from itw’s fiber club) to make a little monster. When I initially saw this colorway I had no idea how a rainbow-y colorway would get used. I’m more of a black kind of gal (only until something darker comes out). My first bag of this was an exercise in bulky singles, and not a successful one (think rope for a boat). But the second bag is going to be perfect for Liepa’s new toy 🙂 It’s actually drying in the bathroom right now and looks like it’ll be usable.

50s Corriedale Combed Top from into the whirled...

The spinning, though, has been killing my left elbow on and off for months now. I’m a right-hander, but do almost everything else with my left except write. I’ve been in physical therapy for about 5 weeks now for something called medial epicondylitis, aka golfers elbow.  We’ve been strengthening and reconditioning the smaller muscles in my arm and everything has really improved. Before it would wake me up in the middle of the night in searing pain. While I’ve gotten over about 90% of it there’s this little bit I can’t seem to get over, so we’re working to find a proper splint. Surely some of you have experienced this, and if so, what did you find helped it?


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