Decade of the Blanket

This may take me ten years to finish. The actual knitting part was relatively quick (a blanket does seem more doable when it’s in portable blocks) but the blocking–my gosh! You would have thought it was a lace shawl by how long it took me. I wanted to have nice even sides for when it came time to join all the squares together. I know I’ll appreciate the time it took to block it by then, but for now not so much. Maybe it would have gone quicker if I had a gin and tonic while pinning. Who knows!

I’ve also been knitting Audrey in Unst in my Half and Half Sport, a 50/50 merino and silk blend, which I think is PERFECT for a cardigan like this. I was a little nervous of the bottom-up construction but Gudrun’s directions are so well written that I feel like a pro. The lace bib is so cute and well, I just can’t believe how well the sleeve caps turned out–you’ll just have to believe me for now till I take a picture of that. Normally I go a little batty around the middle of the body and am aching to knit something a little quicker and more satisfying but I haven’t felt this one bit with this cardigan. Yesterday’s weather here was nice enough to allow me to sit on the back porch and do an entire sleeve! I just finished the ribbed cuff last night and I just began the third skein of the Half and Half (can’t beat that for yardage!). I love this golden green that I dyed up just for this sweater.



One response to “Decade of the Blanket

  1. Beautiful! Blankets are my waterloo, but I always love looking at other people’s. The mitered squares work so well with that yarn. Your golden green is beautiful, too. It has a great shine to it; you’ll get nice stitch definition with that one. =)

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