Lost and Found

I’ve been up to a lot lately, which explains the online silence (sorry about that!). Spinning, knitting, dyeing, knitting, all the good stuff.

First, the dyeing: new skeins of Nzuri Worsted, the worsted weight 50/50 silk and wool blend. This is the kind of stuff that makes a New England winter tolerable. I imagine making some kind of wicked cowl with this, like Jared Flood’s Setzer (rav link to the pattern here).

Mmm, I will keep you warm all winter long…

This is the colorway I call Tea Leaves. I pulled out all the shades of brown I had in my toolkit and then added some charcoal at the very end. Clicking on the picture takes you to the Etsy shop!

Second, the spinning. A year ago I broke down and finally bought a wheel. I say “broke down” because I knew that the last thing I needed was yet another hobby, and one that would make yarn hoarding the evil sister of fiber hoarding. That’s exactly what has happened. I have a gorgeous Kromski Minstrel in a clear finish. My early skeins turned out to be spun so tightly you could easily drag a barge with it (which makes me think, “Hey, this would be perfect for weaving” which will surely be the next hobby), but I’ve been making myself treadle slower and it’s paid off.

This is a 4 oz. braid of superwash merino that I bought over at Becoming Art in the colorway Blackbird. Love love love. At 21.5 microns it makes cashmere feel rustic. Here is what it looked like in a braid. I’m always amazed at the change that takes place when you spin it up.

I also spun up some Targhee fiber that I bought last year at Rhinebeck from the into the whirled booth (I have an addiction now) in colorway Curry in a Hurry. I have no idea what to make with either of these but that’s ok–I am still in shock that I spun up that awesomeness. What do you think I should make with this?

Third, real actual knitting. First, dyed up some sample skeins for my friend Betty to look at. She wanted a blue that was grayed down, so of course I got to it in the kitchen. She eventually picked out two skeins of BFL sock so I could make her Line Break by Veera for her first Mother’s Day.

She was thrilled! Well, we both were.

Then I made Audrey in Unst by Gudrun Johnston in Skeinny Dipping Half and Half Sport. I love Gudrun’s patterns. This was my first time making sleeve caps like that. I have to admit I felt a lot of dread when I read that this wasn’t top-down (my usual construction) but I tried to look at it as a new skill to learn (and maybe even like). Well, jeeez, these were fun sleeves to make. Don’t be afraid to tackle this cardi–it is so worth it!! The instructions were clear and it is also a very interesting knit. I never once got tired of it, and it’s even an alcohol-friendly knit. You can read all about the mods I made over here.

Finally, an infinity scarf. I’ve become a recent fan of Irish Girlie Knits ever since her last mystery sock KAL (which I still haven’t taken pictures of…). I’ve been wanting a dark blue cowl-ish kind of thing to wear in the spring here. I wanted to try another kind of indie yarn (I love finding new ones!) and once I saw this yarn I knew I met the match and cast on for Summer Wind. This thing is perfect and I fully intend to wear it into the ground.

So that’s that. What have you been up to lately?





2 responses to “Lost and Found

  1. Beautiful! (All of it.) I especially love that skein up at the top; it looks almost like copper to me. That shine would be incredible in a textured stitch pattern…

    Spinning certainly doesn’t help with stash control (neither does dyeing). It is fun to be able to make your own yarn just the way you like it, though!

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