Ten on Tuesday

The Sunflowers in Cadiz, Spain

The Sunflowers in Cadiz, Spain


While I was going through the blogs I read over on Google Reader, someone had a great topic for Ten on Tuesday: Things I Wish I Liked. So let’s go!

Ten Things I Wish I Liked

1. Getting dressed up. I am just not the girly girl type–never have been never will be. When I do get dressed up I can only think of when I can put my jeans on again.

2. Fish. The smell sends me into a migraine.

3. Exercise. I used to be a runner, but since I got arthritis my doctor told me that is a no-no. Yoga is about as active as I get nowadays.

4. Getting up early.

5. Doing the books. Bookkeeping is by far the most annoying thing about having your own business. You can lump in “doing your taxes” into this one.

6. Lobster and other seafood. I live in New England. It’s pretty much blasphemy to not like lobster, oysters, clams, and all that other stuff. I’ve tried fresh Maine lobster and it’s squeaky in my mouth.

7. Summer. I used to love summer (a lot of stuff changes when you get older and have arthritis, I suppose). I loved the heat and I used to never sweat. Now summer just feels disgusting and it’s not conducive to knitting with heavy wool. During summer, I only do one thing: Long for winter.

8. Scouring a fleece. It’s like cleaning a hairy baby with dingleberries.

9. Brown bread. I’ve tried and tried and it still tastes like cardboard to me. I am a Wonder Bread girl.

10. Clothes shopping. You can tie this one to number one above. I dread clothes shopping. Dread. it. If you looked into my closet and dresser drawers you would see lots of the same thing. I have all colors of the tank tops at Old Navy, all the colors of long sleeved t-shirts from Target and the same style of jeans. Even my “dressy” clothes are made from t-shirt material. I really hope no one calls “What Not To Wear” on me!


How about you?


2 responses to “Ten on Tuesday

  1. Ha ha! That could really be my list, too (except for #9). Add instead: pattern writing. I love designing, but writing things up feels a lot like bookkeeping to me…

    (And why is it that living in New England automatically means you have to love lobster, anyway??)

  2. Hmmm… 2 things I wish I liked:
    1. Clothes shopping. All of my friends love it. If I have to do it I power shop. I zip through the store, pick up 10-12 things in my size and head to the fitting room! Then I can try on everything, pick out what I want, get dressed and be totally finished. I buy, I leave; victory!

    2. House cleaning. My friends homes are so neat. I’m a clutterbug. I seem to keep everything! Then weeding stuff out to throw away is exhausting.

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