FO: Audrey in Unst

I have an FO to show you: Audrey in Unst! I knit this up with some of my Skeinny Dipping Half and Half Sport, which is a 50/50 blend of merino and silk. When I bought the pattern and read about putting the sleeves in with short row shaping, I have to admit I felt an immediate dread. I really prefer seamless yoke sweaters, but only out of a comfortability that comes with not trying anything else. But I’ve made some of Gudrun’s other sweaters, and had fun with how well written they were that I pressed on knowing full well that this would be the same.

I’m glad I did.

I made some mods, which you can read here, but the best part is that even with the mods, it took less than three skeins of yarn! Can’t beat that, really. Like a bang for your buck knit. The buttons I got at Windsor Button in downtown Boston. I’m getting a growing appreciation of short-row shaping in sleeves.




4 responses to “FO: Audrey in Unst

  1. That looks amazing! A little detail to keep it interesting but not too busy (and as a very plain dresser I appreciate that)

  2. That looks like the perfect summer sweater for over-air conditioned rooms and chilly evenings. The lace details really make it stand out, too.

  3. I love your new sweater. The details, lovely. I’ve recently discovered Laura Chau’s topdown raglan on Ravelry. After years of seaming I am reveling in no-sew knits. I’m working on sweaters 3 & 4 from that pattern now. They’re all gifts, haven’t made one for myself yet.

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