Socks and Socks

Blathnat Sock by Irish Girlie Knits

Lots of socks to show you today! I finished these a while ago but just had them photo’d. First one is Blathnat Sock by Irish Girlie Knits. The sock yarn is Sweet Georgia Yarns Tough Love Sock in colorway Blackberry that I got in, of all places, Paris when juicyknits and I were there a couple of years ago with the men-folk.

Honey Badger by irish Girlie Knits

The second pair is also one by Irish Girlie Knits called Honey Badger. The sock yarn is Handmaiden Fine Yarn Casbah Sock in Bronze. This was the first time I used HM yarn and I loved how the colors played out in this pattern. I love how they fit (I’m wearing them right now), and they’re uber soft.

Sock number three is just a vanilla sock made with my go-to man sock yarn, Regia. My friend, Siga, brought me a mini-hoard’s worth the last time she visited, and this is the Astro Color edition in “Widder”. The husbeast loves them and they made very nice purse-knitting for a month or so. When I’m on the T here in Boston, I find that knitting makes me less nauseous than reading so I always try to keep a vanilla pair in my purse.

Genteleman's Half Hose in Ringwood Pattern by Nancy Bush

The last pair of socks to show you today is a heavily modified version of Gentleman’s Half Hose in Ringwood Pattern in the great Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush. You can go to the pattern link to get to my notebook page in Ravelry to read about the mods I made, but basically I didn’t want to do all that calf-shaping since the Husbeast would never wear hose that long. The yarn is Mountain Colors Crazyfoot in Moose Creek, bought so long ago I couldn’t even guess where I got it. This was a perfect purse-knit (no pattern to memorize really), and the yarn turned out to be perfect for this stitch pattern (and so much more gorgeous than in skein form).


2 responses to “Socks and Socks

  1. Beautiful colors and textures! I wish I had half so many sock projects to show off! (I love the having, but not the knitting of handknit socks.) I think the last pair is my favorite.

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