Some more FO’s

In my quest for more “process knits” this year I have to admit I got a little ansy. I needed something quick, easy, satisfying (like french fries, I guess). A while ago (so long ago I don’t remember when) I got a skein of Knitterly Things Vesper Yarn and cast on for a pair of vanilla socks. These initially satisfied my need for something easy to throw in my purse for when I’m riding around on the T here in Boston. Then I put it aside, finally finishing them today. Knit with an afterthought heel in some leftover Schoppel Wolle sockyarn I bought in Germany with my friend and fabulous graphic designer, Caro (the Schoppel Wolle factory is a must see if you’re a knitter–you’ll faint in the Sale room!)


Ah, sweet bliss. My Grandmom believes every woman should get a manicure every month for good mental health (as you know, she was a psychiatrist). Well, in addition to that, I believe that every person should have a pair of spunky striped socks to slip on once those nails are dry.

In addition to these, I knit up a new pattern called Petit Artichaut. I got some leftovers yarn from the sock stash and cast on. How cute is this?


I can’t wait to put this on our friend’s little girl!

Lastly, I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a group for Skeinny Dipping over at Ravelry–would you be interested? I’d love to hear what you think 🙂


2 responses to “Some more FO’s

  1. Three things! 1. Call me next time you get a manicure…that sounds fun! 2. that is the cuuuuutest baby sweater, and 3. Yes on the ravelry group!!

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