WIP: Norby by Gudrun Johnston

It’s been too hot to keep on knitting my Larch Cardigan so I cast on for something smaller, something that has been in my queue since it’s debut: Norby by Gudrun Johnston.


I’m loving this! The yarn I’m using is likely something you’ve never used (or even heard of) before: Mountain Meadows Lilura. It’s a 50/50 blend of US-raised alpaca and wool that comes in 50 gram skeins (perfect for hats and colorwork). It’s soft, but not too soft which is perfect for me. As I knit with it, I have to pick out little hay bits which only makes me love it more (have you guessed I’m more of a wooly-wool kind of girl?). I picked up three skeins of this in colorway Prairie while I was recently in DC. In Dupont Circle there is a newish lys, Looped Yarn Works. The staff there was so friendly and loved little Gracie 🙂 If you’ve never been to this lys you MUST GO. They have wool you have only seen on the web–feel free to grope away!

I’m also on Team Kromski for this year’s Tour de Fleece. Right now I’m spinning some 80s SW Merino that I dyed up in a yellow/tortoise shell colorway and I’ll probably get some squooshy sportweight out of it. The Tour de Fleece couldn’t have come at a better time–the spinning bug has come in full force here at Chez Skeinny Dipping as I hope to be offering spinning fiber soon in the shop. What are you spinning?


Back to the wheel!


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