Super Crafty without Curse Words

Every once in a while I’ll take out my sewing machine and use it for something other than hemming all of my way-too-long pants (by the way, I would love to meet the 6 foot tall woman who is my size that Old Navy is thinking of when they make their pants). I love to read Noodlehead: her blog is super cute and inspiring, so when I saw this tutorial on making an open wide zippered pouch I headed over to my fave stitch lounge, Gather Here, to get some interfacing and a zipper so I could make the large size.

The fabric is from Ikea–I bought it way back when we lived in Germany. Zipper is from Gather Here in Cambridge, perfect for matching the parts of the flowers on the bag. This was my first time sewing in a zipper (and it’s pretty obvious but I don’t care :).

It’s also very deep so you can actually see what’s inside:

But like any sewing project, or really any hobby where you like it despite being horrible at it, I learned several things:

1. How to reattach the zipper pull to the zipper when you stupidly pull it all the way off after trimming its length (takes one leatherman).

2. How to fix a sewing machine because you’ve set the stitch length too close together, thereby jamming the fabric and the bobbin thread together.

3. How to finish a sewing project with minimal cursing and no stiff drink.

There are also a couple of new skeins in the shop: Half and Half Fingering in Tea Leaves. I hoped to add a couple more skeins in a new colorway today but who knew it takes so long for skeins to dry in this humidity! I also got my next shipment of bare yarn for the shop–there had been a major delay on getting the nylon portion. It will be a shiny fingering weight of merino/nylon, perfect for shawls, socks, hats, etc. Any colors you’d like to see?

Half and Half Fingering in colorway Tea Leaves


3 responses to “Super Crafty without Curse Words

  1. A nice pouch! I have quite a bit of Ikea fabric left over from my pillow covers. Maybe I need a matching pouch to that? So when I leave it on the sofa, I won’t be able to ever find it again. 😉

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