New Base: Cannonball Sock

Have you peeked at the shop lately? There are a  few new colors and a new base called Cannonball Sock–basically your go-to sock! It’s a 3-ply superwash merino and nylon blend that gives you 400 yards per 115 grams. It’s very smoothly spun and soft. The top color is a mix of browns and a boggy green called “Bayou” and the bottom is several reds and pinks with a touch of brown called “Dessert for Breakfast.”

Men are often the recipients of our sock knitting, if only to keep them quiet about how much sock yarn comes into the house for no reason other than to have it. I wanted to make something for the guys that had a bit of Light Hearth, some Dark Hearth, and then a screwball thrown in and voila! Bayou was born. Perfect for ladies or men! Each color was added in a random fashion and then poked, not stirred.

Did your parents tell you that you couldn’t have dessert for breakfast growing up? Mine did. Little did I know there was a land where not only was dessert for breakfast, but there was also a designated time every day to stop and have cake and coffee (Germany, I miss you!).  I wanted something that would remind me of those rhubarb plunders I would buy every morning at the bakery in Heidelberg. “Dessert for Breakfast” was born of equal parts poking AND stirring. And then to celebrate I made some Strawberry Marscapone Ice Cream which will not be long for this world (also, it’s too hot to eat anything but dessert!).

More colors in Cannonball Sock will be dyed up this week, so check back here and at the shop to see the goodies!


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