Fiber, Buttons and Boobs

I have so many FO’s and WIPs to show you that it’s shameful. But I’ll wait to post them until I can get up with my friend, Katie, so we can do a photo shoot. (Btw, she’s known as Foxflat on Ravelry and you should really go check out her patterns. Really. I’ll wait.)

I have already started the dread fun that is Holiday knitting. My first plan is for a Gramps Cardigan by Kate Oates. I’ll be making the 4T with some Knit Picks Swish DK that I got in Squirrel Heather. You really can’t beat Knit Picks for kid stuff. It’s a lovely brown/gray that will go with almost anything (or so I think). Granted I have a hard time dressing myself so I could be off there (DH says I am colorblind).


Some other things I want to knit for the holidays I have to keep under wraps because I have other knitting, blogging friends, but lets just say knitting for other knitters kids is the best. You can go all out with the snobby yarn and know that it will be taken care of.

I’ve also been plugging along on my own cardigan, Larch Cardigan. This cardigan is part of my “expand your skills” to-do list for this year. If there is anything I don’t like it’s cardigans or sweaters from the bottom up. The only thing I don’t like more than that are sleeves that are knit separately then sewn on. This cardi has both, but it’s already so lovely I’ll just suck it up and deal with it. In my quest to find cute buttons (the cardi is really plain design-wise so I decided to go all out for buttons) I found these gems from Kate Hust’s etsy shop:


I think these will be perfect! Kate handmade them herself and they’re so adorable that it makes me want to get my own kiln.

And I’ve also been spinning for the Tour de Fleece, and my contribution has been pretty pathetic: one skein of Devon which I will show you later (I made rope, and not on purpose) and about 3 oz of BFL from Fat Cat Knits. I’ve been spinning it with plans to make a two-ply fingering so I can knit Windward. Here’s what’s left to spin up:


And because you were hoping for boobs, I’m actually out the door to get a special 3-D Mammogram as part of my yearly screening. Several years ago I had a scare myself, and it was right around the time I found out my sister had breast cancer. It turned out to be okay but I learned that due to having a first-degree relative who had breast cancer I have to be screened under different guidelines from the general breasty public. For me, this is every year starting in my early-30’s. It doesn’t hurt at all, so you shouldn’t be avoiding them (or the talk with your doctor) because you think it might hurt.

Have a good Monday!


4 responses to “Fiber, Buttons and Boobs

  1. yahhh!!! photoshoot time 🙂 Shall we start tv-night a little early tomorrow so we can take advantage of daylight?

  2. Lovely colors, all. I agree that that brown will go with just about anything (except perhaps black, and even there it might work). And I have to say I disagree with your husband…you couldn’t dye so many beautiful colors if you were colorblind! (Fashion blind is another thing entirely, and has to do with an inability to care rather than an inability to see.)

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