In Progress

One of my favorite ways to spend the day is test dyeing for new colors. I make small skeins and dye each of them up in whatever color combination I want (see, even my fun has to be structured somehow–this is how I live on the edge!). Sometimes they turn out awesome on the first try, but usually they end up needing just a tweak or two of something. Some may think this is tedious, but let me tell you–the hours will fly by faster than you think. I recommend an audio book for your journey. Here are some of the most recent test skeins at about 30% dry:Image

I love subtle variation, especially the colors that seem to be one way until you look at them next to other colors. The one all the way over to the right sometimes looks raisin-y, sometimes rusty. I can’t wait to see what it looks like dry, but that may be a while now that it’s raining buckets!

As for WIPs, I’m chugging along on my Larch cardigan–currently finishing the second sleeve (halle-loo-yer as Madea would say) and then it’s just the collar and bands before it’s off to my friend Katie who loves to set in sleeves (yes you read that right. I can hardly believe it myself.)

Then I’ll be starting yet another sweater, but not for me. Have you seen Brownstone? A classic pullover with snuggy collar. Perfect tv knitting. I’m trying to get my hands on some Stonehedge Fiber Mill worsted weight before Rhinebeck so I can give it to my husband for our 9th anniversary (which is right after Rhinebeck). I know faced with the wall of Stonehedge at Rhinebeck I would not be able to walk away with only a sweater’s worth. It’s sort of a bucket list knit for me (more on that some point). This will be the second sweater I’ve knitted for him, the first of which was frogged because the yoke was a little too fancy for him (which must mean I enjoyed knitting it, lol). This time HE picked the pattern and yarn, not me.

I also have a pair of socks for a friend I recently reconnected with–we went to high school together and shared the misery of the 90s with our huge hair and cemented bangs. I need to start these as soon as I finish my first sock of the Linaria Bipartitia pair by Hunter Hammersen. She’s a clever little sausage with those sock patterns. Imagine the look on the mailman’s face when he delivered her latest book to the house: it was addressed to “Skeinny Dipping” from “Violently Domestic”, lol. They must wonder what goes on in my house!


3 responses to “In Progress

  1. Holy wow, those colors are fantastic! I have an unreasonable fondness for rich dark colors (I always think of them as grown up colors), and these are fantastic. Pardon me while I pet the screen.

  2. oooo brownstone looks wonderful! I’m beginning to think I can start a little side business with my sleeve-setting affinity. Send them all my way!

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