Oh Happy Day

Today is the unofficial end of Summer here in the US and really, I couldn’t be happier to say goodbye! Fall is in the air–yesterday I was at the north shore and I had to wear a fleece jacket and jeans to stay warm–and that means fiber festivals. Lots of them. Which means I have to get started on my Rhinebeck sweater!

There hasn’t been much knitting other than the Autumn Arbor Stole which I am knitting for my sister-in-law to wear at her wedding. I’m using super wonderful Findley lace from Juniper Moon Farm and I’m three repeats in on the second half (with three sections to go).

The non-wedding knitting I have done is the Jules sock by Kate Blackburn. I used my Cannonball Sock in colorway Azaleas and knit these socks up for a friend. Don’t worry, Kim, I washed them after I posed with them for the picture 🙂 These are super-squooshy so I’ll most likely be knitting them again!

Be sure to check out the shop for a shipping cost deal that is running from now through 9/9–free shipping in the US and Canada, with a lower flat rate for everywhere else. Enjoy!!



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