Some Things You May Like

My friend, Katie, keeps telling me I should do a post on some of the non-SD yarns I like most, so I thought I’d put together a list of some things you may like, knitterly and not.

Some Things You May Like

1. Sock Keepers by Knitting Notions. Handmade by the Knitting Notions folks themselves, these wooden dpn holders for your wip socks are They hold dpn’s that are up to 7″ long but even shorter (I like the short dpns). Other dpn holders that I’ve tried leave me a little worried about breaking a dpn while the whole thing is bobbing around in my purse, but not this one. Sturdy and cute, you’ll wonder how you ever got on without it. Seriously, go buy one.

2. Beaverslide Dry Goods. They are based in Montana and sell their dyed and spun wools using a process called “Mulespun”. Some folks don’t like mulespun because it does involve more knots than the ordinary knitter is used to. But let me tell you, I’ve knit two sweaters with this lovely stuff and the knots don’t show up in the finished object. You get amazing yardage at an amazing price and all of it in some pretty amazing colors. There is mohair in it BUT you’ll never know it. I don’t like mohair (it’s like an invitation to an evening of nonstop scratching) but I LOVE this yarn. So warm, and soft. You’ll do yourself a great service to make a sweater out of this, or at the very least, a pair of nice mittens.

3. Cat Atelier. Because the only thing better than dressing up your children is dressing up your cat.

4. Everybody knows this one but I’ll say it anyway: The Berroco Ultra Alpaca Line. Affordable, great colors, and it’s probably the only alpaca-heavy yarn I’ve encountered that doesn’t leave my FO growing long after I’ve bound off. I just finished the Larch Cardigan with the Ultra Light weight version.

5. Green Mountain Spinnery. This one is just up the road from us in Vermont–right off the exit. Smells so sheepy there that I wish I could bottle it up and take it home. GMS is a cooperative and spins locally-raised wools for your knitting pleasure. I’m making an Idlewood pullover from the Wonderfully Wooly right now. If you are a wooly-wool kind of guy/gal who likes Briggs and Little or the feel of Cascade 220, then this is a yarn for you. You can either go there in person (and get a tour of the spinnery!) or order online. Either way you’ll be glad you did.

6. The Best Cat Video ever. No, really, watch it.

7. One of my favorite food blogs is David Lebovitz’s who is living the Sweet Life in Paris. But beware of this blog: you will end up ordering his cookbooks (and no doubt learn some wonderful baking techniques) and put on some weight (but maybe that’s just me). His recipes are some of the best calories you will ever encounter.

8. The Hand Cream. As in The Woolen Rabbit hand cream. Smells so good you will feel like a Miss Sexy Pants. I’m hoping one day Kim will come out with body butter-sized containers of it (hint, hint). Oh, and her yarns are to die for. I recently ordered a skein of the WW Opal in Olive Tweed to knit a hat for my nephew. Not only is it turning out lovely as heck, but it left me regretting not ordering more. Luckily I can fix that bit 🙂

So what are some things you like?



4 responses to “Some Things You May Like

  1. Oh, there are so many things I like! (And most of these are unfamiliar to me, so it appears that there are even more to try…)

    Briar Rose and Blue Moon Fiber Arts (Socks that Rock!) yarns. (Along with about a million others – really, there are too many good yarns.) Namaste knitting needle cases. Addi lace needles. Knit picks multicolored wood dpns. The list goes on and on. =)

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