RIP: Lacunae Socks

In 2009 I knit up a pair of Lacunae Socks (pattern by Anne Hanson) in Neighborhood Fiber Co. Studio Socks in colorway Lincoln Park (which is very Halloween-y, btw). Super squishy socks, very fun pattern.


Yesterday I put them on and started to notice a cold spot on my heel. I have cold feet anyway (even in summer) so I didn’t think anything of it. That is, until I sat on the couch to do some knitting and noticed a massive hole in the heel of the very foot that felt cold. Boo, and I’m unhappy. I’m not much for darning so these are heading to the great sock pile in the sky. I’ll have to knit up another pair soon.



One response to “RIP: Lacunae Socks

  1. Oh, no! I hate it when that happens (which it does all too frequently…apparently I am hard on socks). Three years isn’t a bad life, though. My worst pair lasted only 2 months!

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