Summer Knits–there really is such a thing

Now that I have accepted that Summer is here (albeit reluctantly), I’ve been focusing on knits that I would actually use in the summertime. This means cellulose fibers, which can sometimes not be so friendly on your hands. Normally I can’t knit with cotton, or anything super-cellulose-y thanks to the arthritis, but I have found some that work for me!

First up is Huevos by Carol Feller. I’m using Quince and Co.’s Sparrow, a fingering weight 100% organic linen. I thought linen was gone to me forever (I had only used Euroflax before this) but there is something about more springy about this one. I can knit for a good long while without it bothering my hands too much. I even chose a pinkish color, which is practically unheard of for me, but I’m always trying to get out of my comfort zone when it comes to yarn. I’m knitting the 33″ size and I’m getting gauge, but I really wonder if the first four inches of it (before the decreases) is too big. It is meant to go over ones hips, and to keep the stitch pattern from looking too distorted you would have to accomodate the hips in that, but still, I just don’t have enough garment experience with linen to know for sure. I’ll find out soon as I’m almost done the waist decreases!

Huevos by Carol Feller

Huevos by Carol Feller

Next up is Business Casual socks, by Tanis Lavallee. I’m using her Purple Label Cashmere sock in Olive and they are going amazingly fast. I had quite a few socks die over the Winter and if I’ve been able to wear them for several seasons I let them go (i.e. no darning) and cast on for a new pair. There has really been only two mods for this–I’m knitting at a gauge of 8 sts/in instead of 7 to cover my 8.25″ foot circumference, and I’m cabling without a needle–a wonderful skill I learned when I knit Alice Yu’s Shur’tugal socks. Granted I can only do it when there are two stitches involved (thank you arthritis for this) but it’s a good skill to know. I’m done one sock and just finished turning the heel this morning (I love that bit).

Business Casual by Tanis Lavallee

Business Casual by Tanis Lavallee

2013-06-18 13.27.37Btw, those are the Karbonz DPNs–love them!

I do have one FO for you–the Bonny top by Tincanknits. It’s from their new book, Handmade in the UK. I made this with some handspun I had on hand–my first ever 2-ply laceweight spun on my Kromski Minstrel. I don’t think this color looks good on me as we’re both competing who can be as pale as death (I had no idea I was that pale!) but I don’t really care. I LOVE that I got a summer top out of four ounces of a merino/bamboo blend from Kim aka The Woolen Rabbit.

Be prepared for a blinding light….

Bonny by tincanknits

Bonny by tincanknits

If you haven’t checked out the shop lately, do go over. There are some great new colors there! I’m also in the process of getting two new wonderful bases out to you–a bulky weight and a fingering weight that is all done on small ranches–but you’ll have to wait for more on that. But I promise you will be thrilled with it!


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