Spinning as Meditation


When I started spindling several years ago in Germany, if you had told me I’d eventually find it relaxing I would have had a good laugh at your face! Switching over to a wheel (or two) completely changed my view of spinning as a form of relaxation. So it probably comes to no surprise that hand dyed spinning fiber would start making its way into the shop. I’ve put up a few braids of super soft 50/50 Merino/Silk. Pictured above is the colorway “Funnel Cake” (because you know I always have to make it about food, especially dessert), and I have some gorgeous purply ones in the shop, too. 


A few weeks ago my friend, Katie, and I headed up to New Hampshire’s Sheep and Wool festival. You know, because I need more yarn and fiber in my life. While we were there we both snagged some of this great Cormo/Angora (as in wonderful bunny angora) roving from Honeybuns Rabbitry and Apiary.


Sadly they have no website and just do the local fiber circuit, but they do have an email should you want some of this lovely stuff for yourself: charbees@tds.net. Maybe if you’re lucky they will be a fiber festival near you! I’m almost done with the first two ounce bag, and I have a second bag I plan on spinning up on another bobbin. I’m not a big fan of spinning roving, as you know, but I make an exception when there is either cormo or angora involved. 

Hopefully I’ll finish spinning this stuff up this weekend. There’s still a bunch of lanolin in the wool so I can’t wait to see/feel what it’s like when I set the twist with a good wash. Now to figure out what the heck to do with it!

What are your weekend plans?



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