FO: World Cup Socks 2014

2014-06-09 19.18.51

I’ve been knitting a lot of Vanilla Socks lately–it’s too humid to think and there isn’t enough caffeine in the day. It’s mindless, and quick. Lots of socks have gone to the great too-far-to-be-darned yarn pile in the sky and I need to replenish the drawer.

I remember when I bought this yarn. We were still living in Heidelberg, Germany and I got this at one of my lys’s–Wolle Roedel. The last world cup had just ended in South Africa, and I viewed about a week of it from the hospital down the street from our flat as I had an emergency surgery in my abdomen to untwist my large and small intestine. The doctors and nurses wanted me up and walking as soon as possible (which is harder than you think when they have sliced you down the middle like that). So I took my IV pole and shuffled down the hall to the lobby to watch it in my hospital gown (now that I’m thinking about it, I was probably flashing my rear end as well). At night it was too much for me to go down for the game so I listened to it from my hospital room (no tv in there). I could tell who was winning depending on which side of town was cheering. There is a bit of football team tension in my house–the husband is all USA, USA (and I must admit, they did great that year) but I’m all about Germany and Spain. Husband says I’m a traitor. So as he sleeps on the couch (mwahaha) I will at least be wearing these.


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