There is no TDF in this house

2014-06-26 09.47.34







I think I’m one of five spinners in the world who isn’t doing the Tour de Fleece this year. Or really, never seriously did it and probably won’t ever. You see, the only thing more painful to me than watching baseball (shh, I know that’s heresy in Boston) is watching people ride their bicycles. I’d rather get my legs waxed.

What I have been doing is spinning up this mystery mix of two fleeces I sent off to Mill Creek Fiber Works last summer. I bought these off of my friend, Jenn. There is definitely a sweater quantity in there. I’m spinning it up using a supported long draw (thank you, Ply magazine issue on Woolen!) that, when plied, seems to give me a light worsted weight. Spinning woolen for me is not in my comfort zone: I’m anal and like things even. But where better to start to like the long draw than with a giant rice basket full of roving?







I’ve also been knitting samples. “Samples for what?” you ask. I will be having a pre-Rhinebeck trunk show in New York the night before Rhinebeck officially begins. Details as to where and when will come later00I’ll keep you posted.

Pictured above is Rivington Cowl by Kirsten Kapur. I made the small size which used half a skein of Mericash Fingering in two colors: Dessert for Breakfast (which is also a way of life) and Black is the New Orange. It’s gorgeous, and soft, and great for using up bits in your stash.

What have you been up to?


One response to “There is no TDF in this house

  1. I would be another of the 5. For me, spinning and knitting during sporting events is purely incidental; really, I just spin and knit during everything. =)

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