About Me

Hi, I’m Christine, the owner and dyer behind Skeinny Dipping. My fascination with color began years ago when I was posted in Kenya with the US Peace Corps. I was posted in a small, remote village in the Great Rift Valley and spent my time living and working with the Maasai tribe. Color came to life there for me: the various browns of the dry season; the dark browns, reds and greens of the rainy season; and all of it under wide blue skies and the red shukas that the Maasai wore.

I’ve traveled a lot since then, even living in other parts of the world where my love of color has only grown. The way I carry these memories with me is through knitting something in a color that reminds me of where I’ve been. I hope you enjoy knitting with these yarns as much as I have enjoyed making them.


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